What to do when you're ready to return your lease...

  • Contact Nissan of Bay Shore
  • Gather vehicle information: Year, Make, Model, Months Remaining on Current Lease, Existing Mileage

  • Decide if you want to lease again or return and walk away
  • Even if you didn't lease from us, you can still turn your lease into our Nissan dealership

What to do When Your Nissan Lease Ends

When your Nissan lease ends in the Bay Shore area, what should you do? There are several wonderful options you can explore, and our Nissan of Bayshore dealership wants to share all of them with you. Here's a basic rundown of the process and how you can make it work to your advantage.

Low Monthly Payments

Get a Brand New Nissan

When your Nissan lease ends, you can finance or lease a brand new Nissan. You can also purchase your leased Nissan if desired. When you purchase your leased Nissan, finance a new Nissan, or buy a new Nissan, Nissan offers a Loyalty Waiver if you qualify.

The waiver cancels out the Disposition Fee, a fee charged to cover the costs of any cleanup and repair required prior to the vehicle's resale.

How to End Your Nissan Lease Properly

There are several steps you can take to end your Nissan lease smoothly. First, schedule a vehicle inspection. The inspection is a requirement, but it's free. It takes less than 30 minute, and we can complete it for you at our Nissan dealership near Babylon.

Based on the results of your inspection, you can decide to make any necessary repairs or not. If you choose to lease or finance a new Nissan, you probably won't be charged for the cleanup and repairs of your current lease.

Next, make an appointment to return your leased Nissan. Call us any time to do so. You must return your leased Nissan to an authorized Nissan dealership like ours. For your convenience, we serve all Nissan customers from Dix Hills and surrounding areas.

Lease Equity

Associated End-of-Lease Fees

Although you may qualify for the Loyalty Waiver and not have to pay a Disposition Fee, there are are still other potential fees associated with the end of your Nissan lease. These fees may include any property tax, toll violations, parking tickets and other fees you may have incurred during your Nissan lease period.

One fee to bear in mind at the outset of your lease is the Excess Mileage Fee. Every lease entails a number of miles annually you're expected to drive during your lease period. The number of expected annual miles associated with a Nissan lease is usually about 15,000 miles or less. For every mile in excess of 15,000, there is a fee of $0.10 to $0.30 per mile. In most instances, buying your leased Nissan cancels out the Excess Mileage Fee.

Plus, you're more than welcome to end your lease early if doing so is necessary. If you choose to do so, reach out to us ASAP. Our finance and lease department near Huntington Station is fully functional, available, and happy to help you end your lease early in the most stress-free manner or to help you lease/finance any brand new Nissan.


Leasing a New Nissan in the Suffolk County Area

Every new Nissan lease has very similar terms, but the specific numbers involved vary between models and between lessees. Calculating your possible payments requires a little addition and multiplication of specific numbers.

Monthly payments also change according to the lease term length, which ranges from 24 to 60 months. The miles you intend to drive annually factors into your monthly payment as well. Your monthly payment also includes an acquisition fee.

Depending on the specifics of your Nissan lease, you can lease a brand new Nissan at a rocking trim level for as little as $300 at signing. Plus, leasing a brand new Nissan allows you to enjoy driving a new model every two years, no matter your income level. Leases are also possible for people with poor credit, so a less-than-perfect credit score needn't be a source of concern.

Learn More and Visit Our Finance Center Today

We encourage you to contact us via our website or stop by our Nissan dealership near Brentwood, NY to test drive our Nissan models. Explore trims, safety, tech features and leasing options that suit your lifestyle and budget. We know that we have a Nissan lease just for you. We look forward to meeting you.