Zero Money Down

No Money Down Car Shopping Made Easy!

We make the entirety of the financing process easier and more convenient, including the down payment process. But you don't have to put money down on your next car! In fact, we can help you configure affordable monthly car payments that fit your lifestyle in or around Bay Shore without a down payment.

Find & Finance Your Next Car with No Money Down!

Here at Nissan of Bay Shore, we understand how expensive Long Island living can get. You love living near Bay Shore, but you have bills, school, rent, or a mortgage, and of course you want to leave some money leftover for fun whenever possible. So when your old car starts to kick the bucket and you need to upgrade to something newer and more reliable, we know what a financial burden that can seemingly pose. That's why we are proud to provide no money down car shopping and new Nissan specials to customers like you from all over Suffolk County. We want to make your car-buying experience quick, convenient, and affordable.

Our Flexible Auto Financing Solutions

The problem is that you've just started a job and don't have any money saved. And there's no family or friends that can help you out with a down payment. So, you've gone from almost having the keys to a new car to starting from scratch. Unless you shop at Nissan of Bay Shore.

If you don't have enough for a down payment, we can still get you the keys to your new or used car today. We offer no-money-down financing or lease options for our customers. So, there's no surprises when you shop with us. But, keep this in mind. If you decide to forgo the down payment, you may see a rise in your monthly payment. So, be sure to budget for that slight increase if you decide to take this option. At the end of the day, we want to help you-but we don't want you to be in a tight financial situation a few months or years down the line.

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Still have questions for us about financing your next new Nissan or used car near Bay Shore with zero money down? Contact us online or by phone or simply visit our new & used Nissan dealership anytime convenient. We can't wait to work with you to provide easy, hassle-free financing on the vehicle that best fits your needs.