Importance of Oil Changes at Nissan of Bay Shore Near Dix Hills

Whether you own a Nissan Rogue Sport or Nissan Altima, one thing is for sure: your vehicle will require routine auto maintenance. An essential method of servicing your Nissan is through oil changes. Changing the oil filter and replenishing the oil may sound simple, but it's vital to the overall performance of your Nissan Sentra. To stick to your oil change regimen, come to the Bay Shore Nissan service facility - a short drive from Babylon and Brentwood, NY.

Benefits of Scheduling Oil Changes Near Long Island

When you take the time to change the oil on your Nissan Pathfinder, you'll extend the time that you and your SUV spend on the road between Huntington Station and Suffolk County. If you've never given much thought about the importance of oil changes, here are benefits that come from this form of car maintenance:

  • Keeps your engine clean and free of dust particles.
  • Improves the city and highway fuel economy ratings.
  • Adds necessary under-the-hood lubrication to your Nissan.
  • Lowers vehicle fuel emissions and promotes cooling effect.

You'll see among these four reasons that changing the oil on your Nissan at the proper intervals makes a difference in the areas of performance, fuel economy, and longevity. Now that you understand the importance of oil changes let's answer a couple of common questions related to this area of auto service.

How Often Should I Get an Oil Change Near Long Island?

If you receive conventional oil changes, your scheduled interval will be approximately 3,000 miles or three months. If you're upgrading to the full-synthetic oil change, you can double that timeframe and return for your next oil change in about six months or 6,000 miles. You can double-check these intervals with a member of our service team.

What Type of Oil Change Does My Nissan Model Require?

At your Nissan service center, you can choose between a conventional or full-synthetic oil change. The latter is mostly geared toward newer Nissan models and goes a step further in extending engine life. It's also more expensive. You can get an opinion from a factory-trained Nissan technician about which oil change would be best for your vehicle.

If your Nissan Titan is overdue for a new oil filter, request a visit at our certified Nissan service center in Bay Shore, NY. We're less than a 20-minute commute for Long Island Nissan drivers.